Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Yarn Bomb

Ok, the first project is ready. It's going up tonight or rather late afternoon, so I can still take some pictures in the light of the day. As for now, it's still a big secret, but will post a photo once it is in situ. I wonder how long it will last in my neighbourhood. If anybody sees me they probably think I have now completely lost the plot :-) But I reckon they think that already anyway, so no difference there. I keep wondering if I can get arrested for yarn bombing LOL.

I have finally managed to write my biography. Now I will have to translate it into German too, for the 2 events over there. One of the restaurants has already offered me a permanent display case for all year round showcasing and sale. As much as this is a very good idea, it would involve having part of my amigurumi crew constantly there and replacing it as soon as something sells. Very difficult to maintain from over here, but I shall give it a thought of how it may be managed.

Back to the grindstone ...

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