Saturday, 14 February 2009

Quick update ...

... as I seem too busy to give the blog much time and thought right now. The poop/scoop had finally gone yesterday. Still, it lasted about 10 days, which is great. The next yarn bomb is nearly ready, just trying to figure out how to put it all up. I have so far made 150 small flowers in many colours (I need another 50 though I reckon) to put up in the Knowle West Health Park. I am just not sure if I string them all together and drape them over the bushes and trees which run along the path, or if I make small displays of 20-25 flowers and tie them to the excercising hubs?

The underwater world for the exhibition is growing as well. I have recently added a few squids, sea shells, starfish and a mini mermaid. Currently I am working on making fishbones in vivid colours to point out pollution. After that I shall be making a couple of cans to go on the sea floor. Maybe a wellie would go down nicely too LOL. I have decided to finish the water display first and then concentrate on the magic forest. I am now not using patterns anymore, but crochet from pictures of finished items or generally from nature itself. Amazed by the results myself.

Tomorrow I want to go to my first stitch and bitch! I wonder if I will make it or if my nerves will get the better of me and I bail out in the end. I have to get right across town for it, which for a healthy person is not a problem, but to me it equals flying to Germany or somewhere. So, only time will tell if I will grace them with my presence.

Hopefully will take some pictures of the latest projects later, so watch this space :)

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