Thursday, 5 February 2009

Take ONE

I've made it. The first project is in place. This morning at around 7am I popped the cherry of K, the yarn bomb virgin. I was creeping around as if I was doing something naughty LOL. I thought I would be totally alone up there at the Knowle West Health Park at this time in the morning, presuming that people didnt fancy getting out that early in the freaky snowy weather. Well, as they say: Presumption is the Mother of all Fuck Ups ... it was almost heaving there with dogs and owners and such. So, when I sneakily tried to tie my yarn bombing stuff on the fence, I wasn't only watched by one pair of eyes, but about 6 - and that's not including doggy eyes. Plus it wasnt just the usual people, but even the guy from the BBC I vaguely know (technician + researcher couple with their Shar Pei Suki) were there. As chappy looked at me questioningly I explained briefly what I was doing. Hmmm, maybe he found it interesting enough to mention it at the TV station when they finally can get into work. I am really hoping that the poop/scoop is staying up for a while. I want as many people as possible to see it. Hahaha just massaging my ego here :-)

Also finally got the stuff off to the museum. Had no internet last night, probably fro
zen lines or something. But it was back this morning ... so off it went. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed for a positive response. It would be so absolutely fabulous to get in there. Will email a few more today, see if I can raise some more interest. Everybody should see it ... or am I just kidding myself?

My next yarn b
omb brain baby is already in the fetus stage. I hope by next weekend I will be able to put it up. This time I am going seasonal, but that is all I say. Of course I have to find the time between crocheting all the other stuff. Didn't know one could be as busy as that being unemployed *grin*

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