Monday, 2 February 2009

Shame on me ...

... for not updating this blog for so long. Don't know what stopped me. Probably too much happening in my unemployed life hehe. But I have been busy crocheting and knitting and I am getting an exhibition together. Well, 2 of the places that have confirmed so far are friends' restaurants in Germany, but it's a start. The shows are not until the end of the year (exact dates to be confirmed) which will give me plenty of time to refine the themes for it. I am thinking of 3 umbrella themes - 1) Underwater World with jelly fish, crabs, fish, sharks, whales and dolphins and not forgetting MERMAIDS. You might even come across Nemo, after all they are still trying to find him :-) 2) Magic Forest with fairies, gnomes, witches, cute little mushrooms and plenty of other creatures and last but not least 3) A Sea of Flowers which speaks for itself. There will also be a side display with very human undertones: professions. I have recently crocheted an artist which came out really well (picture to follow once I have taken one), so I thought I will do other professions like fireman, nurse (oh la la), policeman/woman, professor and whatever else I might be able to think of. I was supposed to deliver a biography and description of the exhibition to a UK museum today, but due to the weather this was just not possible ;-) I am hoping to write it all up tonight and arrange the pics of the pieces in some order. Fingers crossed they will accept it and it will be the start of a long list of me showcasing stuff around the country. I was thinking today that it would be really nice to find some people who might be interested to pitch in and also show their work.

Anyway, here are a few of the more recent projects I have finished:

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