Thursday, 22 October 2009

The scary season is upon us

I know this blog had gone a bit quiet. I haven stopped crafting though and am at the moment getting ready for Halloween, as you can see :-) In fact this blog went quiet mainly because somebody had reported it (and me) to the Social Security for Benefit Fraud! As if I ever sold something from here ... nor anywhere on the internet. Sad sad low life fuckheads about, I tell you!!

Anyway, doing Halloween niceties at the moment, which will be swiftly followed by Xmas/Yule niceties as presents. So if you are in my inner circle of friends, then expect something weird and wonderful in your stockings. If you're not yet in that chosen circle, maybe you ought to get to know me better ;-)

Back to crocheting spiders now ... Trick or Treat??????????

1 comment:

Savannah said...

hi fishwhiskers! stumbled across your blog via ravelry - love your amigurumi work. are they big? (so hard to tell scale)
anyway, just wanted to say hello and make contact with a fellow brizzle hooker! cheers vanniebee x