Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Between socks and llamas

Although it might appear so, I have not been utterly idle. I have crocheted socks that fit, one pair here as example:

and I have also been crocheting a llama, which was a lot of work as it is mostly done in loop stitches. But I have actually fallen in love with it and it is not going to be sold! So there!

Off to WOMAD tomorrow, we'll see what that brings. Childrens' workshops ... hrrrmphhh! Whoever agreed to that. Catch you all when I am back on Monday or thereabouts.


cherie... said...

aw...its a cutie!
i'm jonesing a bit for crochet - was teaching a friend tonight rather than make more oms, so am going offline right now to chill out and create something.

miss you x

Fishwhiskers said...

gonna post the finished octopus either later or tomorrow ... he is just the most adorable :) should we plan some yarnbombing for when u come up??? miss u more than u will ever know, me deary xxx