Sunday, 16 November 2008


What a dreary weekend it has been. But I am trying to be cheerful, to carry the sun in my heart and loving this time of year as much as the others. After all, the short days give us an excuse to stay at home and snuggle up, be as lazy as we like. Everybody understands that we have less energy and are probably not out and about as much themselves. So, I really should celebrate this time of self-absorption and retreat.

Here is another one of my recent projects. Afghan style baby poncho (1 year + at a guess). I am trying to make these for sale in different sizes. As I am on Incapacity benefit, a little financial injection would do the world of good. As it takes about 12 hours to make them, they are nothing where 'real' money can be made. But I like the thought that some kids/babies will wear something that is made lovingly by me. I am thinking of maye doing a Xmas market with them and the by now steadily growing number of Amigurumi toys. I will have to look into that possibiliby yet.

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